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What To Do When Replacing Parts To A Classic Auto

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What To Do When Replacing Parts To A Classic Auto

When you try to rebuild a custom car, you may find that a lot of the parts you need are no longer in production. The older the car is, the less likely it is that the parts to your car are still in production. Some aftermarket companies might make parts if the manufacturer won’t, but the rarer the car is, the less likely it is that someone will be making parts for it. While rarely can be a problem when it comes to building a car, it can also make a car a showstopper on the car show circuit. If you can’t buy new replacement parts for a custom car, all is not lost because you have some options to find parts for old cars.  Look for Interchangeable Parts In some cases, you can use a part that was meant for a different model or different car. Some car companies would use interchangeable parts on their different models. This would help to keep their costs down, and it will help you to find a part that you need. Your first step when finding an old part should be to check to see if you can find an interchangeable part on a more common car model.  Check Scrapyards If you want to make sure that you have a part that actually came from the model you are trying to build, you need to hunt through scrapyards for the model you need. Even cars that have been badly damaged can still have usable parts.  Contact a Machine Shop If you are worried about paying for an old piece that might break down very quickly, you should contact a machine shop to see if they can build a brand new piece that will work. You will likely pay more to have a brand new piece machined to match your needs, but you can rest assured that you are getting a structurally sound piece that is ready to serve your needs for years to come. Machine shops have been around for as long as people have been crafting objects out of metal. Over the years, the technology used in a machine shop has become more refined and precise. Today’s shops use computer networks to create the most precise plans possible and then feed those designs to computer controlled machines to make pieces that will match your needs perfectly. If you really need a custom auto part, a machine shop is a good choice.  Contact a business, such as Certified Products Co, for more...

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How To Replace Wiper Blades

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The windshield wiper is an important part of the vehicle that clears the window and ensures that you have proper visibility. A malfunctioning windshield wiper blade can be a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately before the windshield is blocked and the driver cannot see clearly. Here is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to replace a windshield wiper blade that is worn out or not working properly. 1 – The first step and most important step to replacing a windshield wiper blade is to ensure you purchase the correct replacement blades. The blades come in different sizes and you can pick up the correct size by consult with your local auto parts dealer. Tell them the make and model of the vehicle to match the correct wiper blade size to your vehicle. 2 – Begin the process of removing the old wiper blade by pulling them into a position where they are facing straight in the air. Locate the tab on the hinge and then pull out the tab to release wiper blade and separate the blade from the arm. 3 – Take the new wiper blade and hook it into the metal arm and then slide it into proper position until you hear the tab make a clicking noise to indicate that blade is locked into position. Then push the metal arm back down into the down position and reset them to the original working position. 4 – Turn on the car and then start the wiper blades to test them out. Make sure that you spray the windshield with washer fluid and then attempt to clear it off with the newly installed wiper blade. If the blade was properly installed it should slide over the and completely remove the fluid without leaving any streaks. Turn the wiper blades up to the highest possible speed and make sure that the blades do not come loose from the metal arm when they are working at top speed. If there are any problems or the wiper blade does not clear the windshield correctly, then you should take your vehicle to a local auto repair shop like Import Specialty Auto to correctly install the blade. A local auto mechanic can take a look at the wiper blades and see if there are any electrical issues that are causing the wiper blades to malfunction. The auto mechanic can help to make sure that you have proper working blades each and every time you need to clear the...

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3 Popular Mobile Auto Services

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Owning an automobile comes with responsibilities, but sometimes making repairs or doing necessary maintenance just doesn’t fit in your schedule. Ignoring maintenance and repairs isn’t an option, unless you want to deal with a car that is not in good working condition. Luckily, getting these things done does not always have to involve spending hours at a repair shop. There are now a number of mobile automobile services where the mechanic or repair person comes to you, so you can have your car taken care of in your your driveway or in your office parking lot. Some of the most popular mobile auto services include: Mobile Mechanic There are a number of companies and independent mechanics that offer mobile services anywhere that you need them. Mobile mechanics are equipped with a full set of tools, so they can complete most needed repairs, from work under the hood and the suspension system to issues with the tires or drive train. Since mobile mechanics do not have the overhead costs associated with having a brick and mortar shop, the prices may be less than traditional repair shops. Many independent mobile mechanics and mechanic services companies offer warranties on their work and parts that you buy through them, so call around until you find one with the best warranty. Auto Glass Replacement Whether you have a cracked windshield or you are dealing with one of your drivers or passenger side windows being broken, finding the time for auto glass replacement can be a hassle. You can bypass the annoyance of having to drive to a glass replacement shop by hiring a mobile auto glass company. If you have glass coverage through your auto insurance, they will most likely pay for the glass replacement minus any applicable deductible. In addition to replacing windshields and auto glass, many mobile auto glass companies can also repair small chips or cracks in your windshield. Taking care of chips and cracks while they are tiny can prevent the need for a new windshield, and protect the glass from developing large cracks or shattering during temperature fluctuations. For more information about mobile auto glass services, contact a business such as Glass Pro Incorporated.  Mobile Lube Service Oil changes have to be done on a regular basis, but most people don’t like to spend their time waiting at a lube shop while their vehicle is serviced. Unlike mobile mechanics, mobile lube companies focus solely on changing the oil in a car. Since they specialize in this one aspect of auto maintenance, they can typically complete the job quickly and efficiently no matter where your car is...

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Consider A Flatbed Trucking Service To Transport Your Vehicle

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Do you have a car that needs to be moved to another location? Driving the car yourself might not be the most efficient option. You might want to consider a flatbed trucking transport company instead. Flatbed trucks are for more than just hauling heavy construction equipment. A flatbed service can also safely transport your vehicle. Flatbed Auto Transport People most often associate vehicle transport with traditional auto carriers or enclosed trailers. However, these methods don’t work for every vehicle. Especially when it comes to large, wide trucks like a dually or vehicles that have been customized with additions like a body kit. Flatbed trucks offer a wide-open canvas that can safely accommodate vehicles of all sizes and configurations to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle. Additionally, flatbed transport services come along with all the same safety measures as traditional auto carries, such as thoroughly trained drivers and property insurance. The Benefits Cost Saving On the surface it might seem that driving the vehicle on your own is more economical, but this isn’t the case in all situations. Say you have to move your vehicle to a location that is 1,000 miles away, for example. For the average person, this could easily result in at least a two-day drive. A two-day drive that comes along with fuel, meal and lodging costs and possibly money for a return ticket back to your original location. All of these expenses could quickly add up to be considerable. With a flatbed transport, you pay a single fee for the service and you don’t have to worry about these additional expenses. Wear And Tear You also have to consider the extra wear and tear you are putting on the vehicle to transport it. It’s estimated that the average vehicle will incur 5.3 cents per mile of driving in maintenance cost. This is in addition to regular preventive maintenance cost associated with tires and oil changes. For a long trip, this wear and tear won’t just depreciate the value of the vehicle, but it will also increase the amount of money you are going to have to pay for maintenance expenses. A flatbed transport company helps you eliminate this extra wear and tear on your vehicle, which will be helpful when you’re ready to sell or trade in. A flatbed transport company can help save you much of the stress and money that comes along with transporting your vehicle. For more information, contact Apex Transportation or a similar...

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5 Signs That Your Oil Needs A Change

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Oil seems to be the one thing that people put off changing in their cars. However, it can be the most important and costly thing to avoid. Oil lets your engine run smoothly, saving you gas mileage and preventing an engine burnout or breakdown in dangerous situations. Don’t risk oil problems. Instead, get a repair or oil change when these 5 signs pop up: (Note: To check your oil, grab a paper towel and pull the dipstick out from its holder. It will be located under you hood with an oil can emblem on the cap. Then examine the amount of oil that sticks to the dipstick. There will be a gauge with two lines. In general, your oil should be more than halfway up the gauge for healthy oil activity.) Old Dirty Oil If you check your oil you will see whether or not it is dirty. The amber color is the best color for oil and means it is clean. If it is dirty, then it will get darker and even turn black. This is because it can pick up carbon particles as it pumps through your engine system. Knocking Knocking sounds, or even rumbling, can indicate the need for an engine issue caused by low (or dirty) oil. Your engine should run relatively quietly when it is healthy.  Exhaust Smoke The only time that you should notice smoke from your tailpipe is when the temperature or air pressure outside is cold. This means that vapor can be seen easily. However, when the temperature is moderately warm or hot then you shouldn’t see much of anything. Excess exhaust means that a gasket or cylinder could be blown. Check Engine Light Many people notice that their check engine light can go on and off periodically with little consistency. This doesn’t mean that the problem is correcting itself, however. An engine light is always an immediate sign to get your oil checked and possible changed. Don’t take the risk of working your car’s oil too hard. It can get dirty quickly by picking up on all kinds of molecules and particles inside your engine. After all, your engine recycles the same oil time and time again in an attempt to stay lubricated and run smoothly. Clean oil for your car is like clean water and food for your body. Treat your oil with attention and enjoy a longer lifespan for you car and your...

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Avoid Serious Accidents With Preventative Semi-Truck Tire Maintenance

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A semi-truck out on the highway with tire repair needs can be a serious hazard to the truck driver and to other drivers as well. Learning more about the kinds of tire problems that can be prevented through maintenance is the best way to avoid getting into an accident because of them. Check out some of the reasons your rig could be dangerous while in roadway operation because of its tires. What Kind of Shape Are Your Tires In? Bad tires is a common reason many semi-trucks get into accidents. The good news is tire inspections are easy to do and can prevent serious problems. Learning how to inspect your tires is paramount and should become a part of your regular truck inspection routine. Many large trucking companies require tire maintenance because of its impact on safety out on the road. When inspecting your truck’s tires, look for problems like: Low inflation: Low inflation can be the first indicator of an air leak. When you think about one tire on a big rig suddenly becoming smaller than all the others, you can see why some rigs end up flipping while in operation. Never drive your rig if a tire looks low or if you suspect one of the tires is leaking air. Worn tread: Driving on tires with worn tread can cause you to have to have trouble in poor weather conditions, especially rain. Tread on your tires helps to divert water so your tire gets a better grip on the road. When tread is worn, your truck’s is not able to grip the road in the safest manner. Check the tread depth using a gauge specially designed for it. You can also use a US coin for measuring safe tire tread as well. Sidewall damage: A bubble on the sidewall can be a recipe for disaster. Sidewall damage can be caused by driving on poorly maintained roadways or by hitting curbs when you are turning into and out of parking lots. If a bubble develops in the sidewall of one of your truck’s tires, a blowout can happen while you are out on the road. Always take the time to inspect the sidewall of every tire and do not forget to have a look at both sides. The Importance of Trustworthy, Reputable Truck Tire Manufacturers The worst kind of truck accident is the one you are not expecting. This can be true if you take your rig to a tire dealer for having new tires put on and you do not realize the tires are of poor quality and maybe even defective in some way. Always take the time to learn more about the tire manufacturer you choose because your life and the life of innocent people on the road with you could depend on it. Maintaining your rig’s tires is essential to get the most out of every haul, especially when it comes to being safe. If you are not sure about a problem you notice with your truck’s tires, finding out more from a tire professional (such as King George Truck & Tire Center) you trust is a good idea before you set out on your next...

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What Exactly Is A Run-Flat Tire?

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There is nothing quite as dreaded as having to change a flat tire on the side of the road. Especially in bad weather or in the dark. A run-flat tire can help save you the hassle of changing a tire to a spare that you just have to replace anyway. What is a Run-Flat Tire? Run-flat tires are tires that you can continue to drive on at a reduced speed so you can find a safe place to change the tire or an auto repair shop. Run-flat tires were first used on sports cars, but now other types of cars are using them as well. As of right now only about 12 percent of new vehicles being sold today come standard with this type of tire, but that number is expected to grow as more and more people realize the convenience and safety that comes with this tire type. Advantages of a Run-Flat Tire Again, you don’t have to have to stop immediately to change these tires. You can usually drive for up to 55 mph and for no more than 100 miles. The tire is strengthened on the walls of the tire, which means more support and safety during a blowout. That means less of a chance of you losing control and getting into an accident. You also have more room in your trunk because you don’t have to carry a spare or the tools to change a tire. Disadvantages of a Run-Flat Tire A run flat tire can mean a harder ride because of the way the tire is designed, so to combat this tire-makers designed these tires with a softer tread which means that the tires have to be changed much sooner than a typical tire. Also, it is harder to tell with these types of tires if you are low on air because of the way they are constructed. You must stay on top of your tire pressure and make sure you keep your tire pressure monitoring system in your car in good working order. Another disadvantage is that these tires are more expensive than traditional tires. The advantages and disadvantages are very close so you will have to weigh these very carefully for your particular situation when deciding if you want to install a run-flat tire on your car. If you travel a lot in remote or rugged areas, then this could be the way to go. However, if you mostly travel in cities where you have easy access to auto repair stores, then you might want to save the expense and go with a standard tire. The choice is yours, but it’s always nice to have options to consider. Contact local tire services, such as Jafstram Imported Car Service, for more...

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3 Things That Can Cause Your Check Engine Light To Come On

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Noticing the illuminated check engine light on your dash is not usually a pleasant experience. It causes a lot of people to panic because there could be a wide variety of reasons for this light to appear, some more costly than others. Before you allow panic to set in, you might want to take a few moments to review the following three things that it might be. A Broken Or Missing Gas Cap Yes, some people can forget to put the gas cap back on after they have pumped gas. Old gas caps can also wear out over time and require a replacement. While this will not directly alter how your vehicle runs and it is an inexpensive fix, it can still trigger your check engine light. Therefore, the first thing you might want to do when you see this light is to check to make sure that the cap is not only on, but on correctly. If it is an older gas cap, such as the original to what is an older vehicle, you might want to stop at an auto parts store and pick up a new one. A Faulty Oxygen Sensor It is vital that you are replacing a faulty oxygen sensor as soon as you know that it is a problem. While you might still be able to drive your vehicle for a while with a broken or failing sensor, it could lead to problems with your catalytic converter, which is a problem that is much more expensive to deal with. In order to determine if it is the oxygen sensor that is causing the check engine light to turn on, you will need to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic who can run an auto diagnostic machine. This machine will give the mechanic a code, which is then matched to the exact problem. A Broken Catalytic Converter If you have noticed the check engine light and that the vehicle now has trouble running without dying on you, then you might have a problem with the catalytic converter. This part usually fails if a bad oxygen sensor or even faulty spark plugs and wires are ignored. This is another problem that is easily diagnosed by a skilled mechanic who runs a diagnostic machine on your vehicle. Of course, if this is the problem, the vehicle may require a tow to the shop, as it may not stay running long enough for you to drive it there safely on your own. The previously mentioned reasons for the check engine light are just the tip of the iceberg. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are having the problem diagnosed immediately. The longer you drive around with the check engine light on, the more damage you could be causing your vehicle. Contact a service such as Tate’s Automotive for more...

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3 Tips To Keep Your Truck Shell Safe And Secure

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If you are a pickup truck owner, you might love the convenience of a truck shell. A truck shell can be great for storing your stuff and keeping it safe from the elements or sleeping when you are camping out, and it can make your truck look really nice, too. However, you might be nervous about keeping valuables inside your truck shell or sleeping in it, since many of them are quite easy to break into. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep you truck shell secure so that you can help prevent the theft of your items or a break-in while you are inside. 1. Keep Valuables in a Locked Container First of all, you should know that your best bet is to keep a toolbox or other container with a strong lock in the back of your truck. Then, you can stash expensive tools or other valuable items in the locked box. You can purchase the hardware that you need to secure your toolbox to your truck bed as well, which will make it that much more difficult to steal or infiltrate. 2. Cover the Windows With Metal Bars The windows on your truck shell can be quite appealing to any would-be thief who isn’t interested in fooling around with your lock. Luckily, there is a solution. Install hardware on each side of the window, then place a metal bar across it horizontally. You can hold the metal bar in place with the hardware, and it will be rather difficult and time-consuming to remove, which can cause a would-be thief to move on to the next possible hit instead. Plus, even if the window does get broken, it will be difficult for a thief to pull something large through it because of the metal bar that will be in the way. 3. Install a Better Lock The locks that come with many truck shells aren’t as strong and secure as they could be. It’s best to invest in a higher-quality truck shell when you are shopping to ensure that you get a good lock. Otherwise, you can purchase a stronger replacement lock from any store that sells truck shells and other truckers’ accessories. Your truck shell is a great addition to your pickup truck, and you should be able to take advantage of it without worrying about a potential thief. Luckily, these three steps can help make you truck shell a lot more secure, which can help deter and stop would-be criminals. For professional truck shells, contact a company such as Rhino Linings &Terry’s Top...

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Yearly Cost Of Owning A Car

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Americans have always had a love affair with the car, and most citizens can not imagine their lives without owning one or two. Before you invest in a car, you need to know how much you will pay for the privilege of driving each year. In addition to your monthly car loan payments, you will need to pay for insurance, fuel, and repairs. In 2015, the average yearly cost to own and operate a vehicle was $8698, which is a substantial chunk of the median American salary of $50,502.  Before you invest in a vehicle from a place like Grey Chevrolet Inc, you need to carefully budget for all automotive expenses so your car ownership will be a happy one.  Payments In 2014, the average new car monthly payment was $482 while the average used car payment was $355.  The average loan length was 66 months for a new vehicle and 62 months for a used one. These days, financing any vehicle is often a five-year investment unless you can put down a substantial amount of money for a downpayment. Of course, the most economical way to buy a car is to purchase one outright, but many people do not have the financial resources to do so.  Insurance Insurance premiums vary greatly depending on the age of your car, the deductible you choose, and the area where you live. The U.S. average is $900 per year for premiums, but people in some states can pay hundreds more than that. You will need to consult with your insurance agent to determine the amount of coverage you need, but be satisfied if you end up paying the average $75 per month.  Repairs and Maintenance Again, the make, model, and age of your car will affect how much you need to budget for car repairs and maintenance, but some experts recommend at least $100 a month. Of course, a brand new car should require little in the way of maintenance for the first few years. Also, most repairs will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Still, tune-ups, oil changes, and other minor problems will cost you something each month.  Fuel Fortunately, Americans are expected to spend less than they have in years on gasoline in 2015, with the average amount per household being $1962. That is roughly the same amount that Americans paid in 2005. If you are single and have a short commute, your fuel expenses will be even less. You can arrange to pay less than the nearly $9,000 that the average American pays in automotive costs by driving your older car longer and by choosing a vehicle with lower insurance rates and higher gas mileage. Still, no matter what vehicle you choose, you can expect to pay a price for the privilege of owning and operating your own...

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